Our Clergy


Rabbi Mark B Greenspan

Rabbi Greenspan has been the spiritual leader of the Oceanside Jewish Center for over eighteen years. Rabbi Greenspan has a special interest in all things Passover. He has a collection of over 1000 Haggadot from all over the world. For the past eleven years, he has translated a new Hebrew commentary on the Haggadah each year. All of R’ Mark’s Haggadot can now be found online at Sefaria.

Email Rabbi Greenspan- rabbimarkgreenspan@gmail.com




Cantor Gadi Elon

Cantor Elon has been our cantor for over 15 years. He has officiated as the chazan for the congregation, taught children and adult B'nai Mitzvot, worked as the music teacher for the Hebrew School, officiated at weddings and funerals. He also is an established singer with albums and concerts available throughout the Internet.

Check out some of his albums.



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