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Early Childhood Center

The Early Childhood Center @ OJC offers a quality program in a very positive child-centered environment. This is far more than just another pre-school program. Your child will begin their school experience in a very warm, friendly environment, carefully geared to the individual and unique needs of each child by qualified staff. As required by our NYS License, these professionals are continually learning new techniques and practices through various workshops and training sessions to better your child’s learning experience at our school. 

Children are taught to solve problems independently, to appreciate one another and are encouraged to work and play cooperatively, while living and learning about our rich Jewish heritage.

~Now offering Extended hours~


My Tot & Me

A stimulating and joyful experience for parents/caregivers and their growing children. Through social interaction we build an atmosphere that fosters close adult/child bonding. Included in the program are music, crafts, play, and tumbling. Intended for 13 – 22 month old children, this program creates an opportunity to give the children a sense of independence and self-confidence through the development of new skills.

Transitional Program

This specially designed two-day per week Pre-Nursery experience is geared toward the younger 2-year old. Separation is dealt with in a very gradual, non-pressured way with adults leaving the room only when the children are ready. Children are guided by an experienced teacher and assistant in a variety of creative and stimulating activities. Separation occurs at such time as the teacher and parent/caregiver feel the child is ready and comfortable. At this point, a third day each week may be added.

Tot (2-Yr Old) Program

This program gives young children a sense of independence and self-confidence through age-appropriate activities in a warm and caring atmosphere. For many children this is an introduction to groups. Every child is unique and develops language, motor, and cognitive skills at different rates. We provide a variety of hands-on experiences and encourage each child to develop at his or her own pace. Children learn the appreciation of music, art, dance, and movement. We encourage creativity and imagination, social skills and respect for self and others. The children learn Hebrew songs and prayers as they celebrate Shabbat and other Jewish holidays. In addition we provide support and encouragement for toilet training.


3-Year Old Program

This fun-filled program encourages each child to develop and perform at his or her fullest potential, stressing conceptual skills and hands-on learning experiences. Self-selected activities allow the children to utilize all their senses to explore their environment. The use of a variety of materials enables the children to enhance their understanding of language and introduces them to number concepts, science, cooking and music. A weekly computer class is also taught. We also provide an introduction to Shabbat services, Jewish celebrations, daily prayers, and Hebrew language.


For more information and to register your child contact


4-Year Old Program

This Pre-Kindergarten program prepares children for success by allowing them to make choices and engage in problem solving activities in order to develop self-confidence and competence. Sharing and participation in groups are some of the social skills encouraged through classroom projects and activities. Snack preparation and classroom clean-up helps develop a sense of responsibly.  Exposure to the Jewish holidays, weekly Shabbat services, and daily prayer give your children an appreciation of religious ritual.  Weekly meetings with the Rabbi in the Sanctuary feature Jewish songs and stories. Activities in the classroom and on the playground strengthen motor skills, and the religious activities develop and enhance moral and ethical values. Music and computer classes are a special part of our 4-year old program. This Pre-K curriculum will provide your child with the tools to be successful in kindergarten.

Religious School


OJC offers an extensive Religious education starting from Kindergarten to Bar/Bat Mitzvah, all the way through the South Shore Chai (in conjunction with area synagogues). We make extra efforts for children with special needs to get the help they deserve and are very proud of our child to child mentoring program within the school, as well as our Family Chavruta program that engages our parents in discussions with our children about values that we all want to instill in our children.


K-1st grades: Thursdays 4:15–6:15 PM with special programming including library time, music, and art.

2nd and 3rd grades: Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:15–6:15 PM. Students will participate in music and library time.

4th-7th grades: Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:15–6:15 PM. The day will be centered around two periods: Ivrit (Hebrew) and Yahadut (Jewish Life: 4th grade: Bible Stories; 5th grade: Life Cycle; 6th/7th grades: Holocaust and Jewish Ethics). Each day there will also be a rotating period for Tefillah (Prayer), synagogue skills, learning to read Torah, music, holiday celebrations and library.

Family Shabbat is a monthly Saturday morning service geared towards the Religious School ages students and their parents. All are welcome!

Teen & Youth


USY + Kadima

United Synagogue Youth (USY) is the youth movement of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism (USCJ).

USY is a youth group with members from the United States and Canada dedicated to creating a fun, educational environment where Jewish teenagers can connect in hopes of meeting other Jewish teens in a comfortable atmosphere, combating assimilation, supporting Israel, and giving and performing charity. With a membership of over 15,000 Jewish teens from across North America, USY combines the familiarity of a local synagogue with the excitement and adventure that derives from being an international organization.

USY offers Jewish teens a wide range of exciting activities. Whether it’s a game of basketball , a holiday carnival for people with mental or physical disabilities, or a six week adventure in Israel or across the US and Canada, USY provides a home away from home filled with friends united by common goals.

Through our chapter, Oceanside's Jewish teens can participate in programs with hundreds of their peers from the METNY (Metropolitan NY) area. 

Kadima 4-7th graders (Sundays 6-7:30)
USY 8-12th graders (Mondays 6-7)

South Shore Chai

Our Hebrew High School is now South Shore Chai. Working together with Bnai Sholom in Rockville Centre, South Shore Chai meets once at week at either Bnai Sholom or OJC for dinner and discussion. Contact Rabbi Greenspan to find out more! 


Lifelong Jewish Learning


Bet Midrash

Join us for a variety of Adult Education classes: text learning, skill-building, and community-growing. 

The Beit Midrash is open whenever the synagogue building is open. Rabbi Greenspan will be present in the Beit Midrash to guide you and offer advice on where to find the resources and information you are looking for by appointment and at assigned times throughout the week.

The Beit Midrash contains a growing collection of the great books and classics of Jewish life. It will also contain books for children and people of all ages about Torah. 

The Beit Midrash is open to the entire community. We hope that this will become a place for dialogue and discovery, where people of all backgrounds can come to explore issues of faith, morality and meaning. The online Beit Midrash will become a site that allows you to bring the conversation home by providing resources, reflections and a continuing dialogue on matters of Torah.