OJC Services


Fridays, 6:00 PM EDT (Please verify on our main page to be sure there is no time changing event.)



Saturday, 9:00 AM followed by a light kiddush and Mincha services



OJC prides itself in being able to maintain a morning and evening daily minyan, and the sense of community and support it provides to our OJC family.  Your support and participation are greatly appreciated.  Please join us at our daily and Shabbat services and be "counted" in our minyanim! The times of our services are as follows:

Kaballat Shabbat Friday evening: 6:00 PM
• Shabbat Morning:
9:00 AM
• Shabbat Mincha following Kiddush
• Sunday Morning:
9:00 AM
• Evenings Sunday - Thursday:
7:30 PM
• Weekday mornings:
Monday and Thursday 6:50 AM, and Tuesday,
                                    Wednesday and Friday 7:00 AM



The Kol HaNeshama (KHNS) Minyan is a lay led service and encourages joint davening and participation. KHNS meets once a month in the multi-purpose room creating an intimate and informal environment, as an alternative to Oceanside Jewish Center’s regular traditional Shabbat service that is held in our Main Sanctuary.  At each service our voices sound a little stronger as we feel more comfortable with the chanting of the prayers and the melodies. KHNS services begin at 9:30 AM and we hold an informal study session one half hour (9:00) before the start of the KHNS service in the Bet Midrash.

If you have any questions or are interested in reading Torah, chanting a Haftorah or presenting a D’var Torah, please email us at khns@oceansidejewishcenter.org